Curriculum Changes and In-service

Written on 09/03/2023
Micheál Rea

The new Primary Curriculum Framework is being launched today. This will lead to changes in how schools prioritise their time. We will let you know as these change are rolled out. Greater use of technology and an introduction of a modern language are likely to be included. We are already well ahead on this front with 40+ chromebooks, interactive screens in each class and Italian being taught in 6th class. Our current curriculum is more that 25 years old so it is time to refresh - a lot has changed in the last quarter of a century!

The Primary Language Curriculum is entering the final stage of teacher in-service training. We will close on May 10th for the final training of the PLC. You can expect further closures in the next few years for the rollout of the new Curriculum Framework and especially the new Maths Curriculum.