About Ger Brick

Ger Brick Profile

  • Ger Brick has become established as one on the leading faclitators of Anti-Cyberbullying / Internet Safety workshops to Irish Primary Schools.
  • Has facilitated workshops in over 300 schools across the country over the past 3 years.
  • Formally an IT Program Manager with Microsoft with 20+ years of Practical Industry Knowledge.


2017 / 2018 Offering

  • New Workshop materials for Primary School Pupils 2nd – 6th class.
  • Parent Information Evenings.
  • Staff Workshops.


Workshop Information

  • Children’s workshops are 90 minutes in duration. Delivered in a classroom setting.
  • Three workshops can be accommodated in a day (Max 35 pupils per workshop)
  • They incorporate a mix of presentation material, video, classroom group and individual exercises.
  • Strong themes of Mutual Respect throughout, accompanied by RULES for staying Safe online.
  • Provides Teachers with insight into their pupils ‘Online World’ .
  • Delivers an engaging, current and fun talk providing the children with Practical Information and Rules for Staying Safe and conducting themselves Responsibly online.

Workshop Themes & Activity

  • Communicating Respectfully Online.
  • Cyberbullying – Let’s Stop it !
  • Consequences & the Law.
  • Making Good Choices.
  • Keeping Safe Online.
  • Personal Information & Privacy.
  • Popular Apps/Games discussion – Snapchat, Music.Ly Instagram, Roblox and more…
  • Game Consoles Xbox / PlayStation.
  • Video / Groupwork.