School News

Sign Language

This week Emilia and Shauna in 1st class found a book in our class library that showed the alphabet in sign language. They started practicing how to sign their names and slowly but surely others in the class grew interested and joined in!

Writing and Typing in 1st and 2nd

Here in 1st and 2nd class, we have been learning about two different types of writing.

Update in Junior Infants

The children in Junior Infants have been learning all about 3-D shapes. They sorted the shapes using the wooden blocks and made 3-D shapes using magnets. The children counted the number of faces on each shape and they figured out that some 3-D shapes can roll and other 3-D shapes can stack.

Irish Number Plates

Today, 4th class enjoyed learning about the number plates on Irish cars. We know that those plates can tell us the year the car was registered, where it was registered and how many cars were registered before it in the given time frame.


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“A positive mind is a healthy mind”

In Senior Infants class, we start our day with some positive affirmations! This helps the children to gain confidence, contributes to a growth mindset, and helps them to truly believe in themselves.

Winter in Senior Infants

In our class, we have been talking about winter and winter animals - in particular polar bears and penguins- and how birds find it difficult to find food this time of the year... so we decided to make our own bird feeders.

Building Bridges in 6th

We built bridges in 6th Class today. We had to use problem solving, team work and communication skills to complete the different bridges. Well done to everyone for sticking at it.

Memo from HSE

To: Early Learning, childcare service providers and schools


We made the best of the little bit of snow this morning! There were some impressive snowballs and micro-snowmen! It was lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves.